"You can't live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you." - John Wooden

Donating a lunch to Lynette (Bubba), who is celebrating his 80th b-day with her best friend Casandra, also 80. They both love ice cream. Happy B-day Bubba! Amazing energy. Another 20 more years!
Donating a lunch to Amon, a very positive and wise 84 year old man, at Norms restaurant. “Every morning when I wake up, the 1st thing I do, is to I think what a beautiful day. I don’t get out of bed until I think that way, because everything is in your mind.”
Homeless not helpless! Can u buy me a milkshake? Matthew and Cathy, homeless but colorful and positive with a choco and vanilla milkshakes. God bless u.
Donating Target/Starbucks cards in Hollywood during Thanksgiving.
Can u buy me some milk and cereal? Hungry. Buying milk/cereal for Kenny, 37 years old homeless from LA. He loves Captain Crunch cereal:)
Donating Starbucks cards in Hollywood, California.
Have u ever gone 2-3 days without eating?? Buying groceries for Russell, 80% blind and homeless. 2 days without eating. He loves sardines:)
Buying lunch to a beautiful family that after all, smiles and gives all the love to their daughter Lorraine.
Anything helps. Buying groceries for Maria, a homeless woman in LA.
Give! Can you buy me anything? I'm hungry. Donating a double McDonald's lunch to John, a homeless but very positive guy in Hollywood. Stay positive amigo!
Give! Donating to a homeless dad living on love! His sign says it all. Merry X-Mas.
Give! Buying lunch for a homeless couple who own nothing but are in love. Powerful.
Broke but not Broken. Cold but not Frozen:) Buying In n Out burgers for a homeless. Beautiful positive sign/attitude.
Donating a snack/lunch to Carlos, a 5 years old boy from Mexico City.
Purchasing some beautiful 3D images from Tara in Dallas (Texas) to benefit the True Parents/Peace starts with me charity event. Beautiful images.
Smile! Donating a lunch from Norms Restaurant to Carla, a homeless in Hollywood.
Donating a McDonalds lunch to Mike, a 68 years old homeless man in LA.
Donating a Mc Donalds lunch to Elisabeth, a 60 years old homeless woman in LA, who just wanted to eat anything. Nobody should be hungry!
Buying groceries/food for a homeless like Eric at a grocery store in LA
Jesus and Luisa with the Target gift card donated by the foundation.
Need Gas or Spare change; Donating a full tank of gas to Emily, who ran out of gas in LA.
At Target donating gift cards.
Buying groceries/food for a homeless that was begging on his knees, at a grocery store in Madrid.
Support! Donating art supplies to Yuni, a Cuban artist living in NY so he can keep sharing his talent in the streets of NY.
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